Autumn Festival of Interests 

Autumn Festival small graphic

The aim of the Festival is to share and celebrate the interests in the community and to keep all of us in touch. Most of the events will be virtual – talks or web displays, although some will be real! Forthcoming events will be listed here and in the What's On pages of the web site.

Events that have been held will be displayed here, either as videos or links to virtual displays.

Next Talk - Keith Ray: "The Beekeeper and the Bees" Tuesday 3rd November at 7:30pm

Bees 150
Keith has been keeping bees for some time and will describe his experiences. The Zoom call will start at 7:15 for us to chat before the talk. You can watch the talk on the Church Facebook page from 7:30 and after the event. If you’d like to join the call, contact David on 868 237 or contact him here.


Future Events

We have a number of events in the plan. Keep an eye on this page and the weekly Newssheet for more details and when these will happen.

Rob Liddle, BBC

Rob is in charge of logistics and has been sourcing and supplying laptops for people to work remotely

Art week

Local artists will display some of their works and you’ll be invited to submit works of art which have meant something to you with a short description. This will be on this web site with links from Facebook.

Christmas Tree Festival

We can’t decorate trees in Church this year so we’ll try to have a virtual display of pictures of trees and decorations. Again, this will be a virtual display on this web site with links from Facebook.

Stephen Tanno

Stephen will give a talk covering some of his foreign travel for work and the engineering he has seen on his travels. This will be a Zoom call and on Facebook.

First Talk - Mike O'Farrell on the actions of young sports people to Covid-19

Mike's Talk:  “Covid-19: A major challenge…especially when you are young…an insight into how professional sportsmen and women responded”. 

Mike is Chairman of the Board Middlesex Cricket. Their home ground is Lords, owned by the MCC. The role of the board includes development of the game at entry level from age 11 to professional level.

Mike’s talk took place on Zoom and was live streamed on Facebook. The talk can be seen here.